Noble Springs Dairy is a Grade A Goat Dairy and Artisanal Goat Cheese making operation that was licensed in 2009. Our dairy farm is just 6 miles from downtown Franklin, TN.

The sprawling farm includes several valleys and natural springs and is protected by a conservation easement through The Land Trust For Tennessee, which means it will always be farmland.

Dustin & Justyne Noble, the owners of Noble Springs Dairy have worked hard to restore the farm that has supported family farming since the seventeenth century and enjoy sharing their passion for agriculture.

Every drop of milk that goes into our products is derived from the natural forages that our goats enjoy on our farm. Our cheeses have distinct flavor that is due to the unlimited pasture grazing and special care our animals receive on our farm. 

Every animal on our farm has a name, a personality and a place in our family

Noble Springs goat cheese, goat milk yogurt, goat milk and goat milk soap is currently available at numerous retail locations and restaurants in the Greater Nashville Area. To find the location nearest you check out


Noble Springs Dairy